Friday 29 March 2019

Who inspired you to take up drums?
I was always a big fan of music when I wa a kid and played piano for
a year before taking up drums. The drums themselves were the attraction
before seeing anyone playing. Tommy Davitt was one of my drum teachers
and really inspired me to make the things I was learning, my own.

Who are your favourite players?
Max Roach, Jim Black and Brian Blade have always been my go to jazz / 
improvising drummers. They all play musically but with different approaches. Steve Jordan is my biggest influence for anything groove related!

What drum gear do you use?
I play Vic Firth F1 sticks and use a range of Zildjian cymbals. I have a set of 60's hats that I was given and use 20'' Complex Dry Ride on my left and a 20'' Constantinople Renaissance Ride on my right. I also sometimes set up some 10'' stack hats and a 16'' efx crash depending on the gig.

Your favourite songs or albums?
Study in Brown by Clifford Brown (Max Roach)
Left End by Rick Peckham (Jim Black)
The Bad Plus + Joshua Redman (Dave King)
Lateralus by Tool (Danny Carey)
Real Book Stories by Wolfgang Muthspiel (Brian Blade)

What have you been working on recently?
I've just released my third album 'Last Days of Summer', album link is here; 
I'm doing some gigs to promote it in the next few months. I've recently
done a short tour with UK jazz musicians Chris Montague and Ashley John Long. We'll be recording an album later this year.

What upcoming projects are in the pipeline?
I put on jazz gigs in Wexford to promote the music and also have
the opportunity to invite great musicians to play here. I've a gig with
the music of Sonny Rollins in Sky and the Ground on Sat 30th March
and a showcase of 'Great Jazz Drummers' on in Wexford Arts Centre
for UNESCO International Jazz day on Sunday 28th April. 

What advice would you give someone wanting to take up drumming?
Enjoy it! Drums are a great instrument and a really great way to meet 
other drummers and musicians in general. One thing I would say is that
its easy to get sucked into the 'gear' thing. Get some beat up old drums
and learn how to make them sound good by tuning them and learning
how all that works first

The Photo Credit is Nikki Stix Photography