Saturday 30 October 2021


How have you been coping during the Covid-19 pandemic?

It hasn’t been too bad over all. But, there have been ups and downs just like for everyone else, I imagine. Fortunately, I have a set of drums at home which I can play at any time because I’m out in the country side. So I do try to play every day, it’s always a work in progress. I’m on the coast. A daily swim in the sea and a walk on the beach has also helped my sanity! I like to sketch with oil pastels. I’m collecting ideas for future new music projects in everything i see and do.


How would you describe your drumming style?

I am a musician first and drummer second. I play for the song or piece of music. I think my style is quite simple, really and usually, simplicity is what’s required to make it work. This can be trickier than people think. I’m a product of all the people I’ve played with, the music I’ve listened to, and the places I’ve been to over the years. Plus, my own personality informs my playing. I’ve been a Zildjian Cymbals endorsee for 30 years. Click on the link for my Zildjian Cymbals profile from the Zildjian Cymbals website.

I’ve been a Pearl drum artist endorsee for 17 years. Click on the link for my Pearl drum artist profile from the Pearl drum company website.

Who are your favourite musicians?

Well, in terms of drummers, I think there is a deep well to go back and tap into within Jazz, World Music, and the Blues.

I love Jack DeJohnette, his playing is really musical.

Elvin Jones is someone I go back to a lot and listen and watch, always in control but right on the cliff edge it seems to me.

Tony Williams, I really love the rawness and power and honesty of his playing.

Tony Allen, who was one of the main driving forces in the genre of Afrobeat music and his playing with Fela Kuti, as well as his own solo records.

Carlton Barrett with Bob Marley who is famed for popularising the one drop rhythm apart from his amazing playing Bob Marley and the Wailers.

Mitch Mitchell with Jimmy Hendrix.

Ginger Baker with Cream.

Jimmy Cobb with Miles Davis.

Hunt Sales with Iggy Pop.

Ronnie Tutt with Elvis.

Fred Below with Chuck Berry.

Phil Rudd with AC/DC.

Earl Palmer with Little Richard/ Fats Domino/ the wrecking crew and so many other great artists that he played with.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg! So many great musicians across all genres and time.

What are your favourite songs / albums?

This is hard also as there is so many great albums / artists and songs that I love.

This is an incomplete list in no particular order:

The Idiot - Iggy Pop - Hunt Sales drums.

Lust For Life - Iggy Pop - Hunt Sales drums.

Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures - Stephen Morris drums.


Metal Box - Keith Levene drums on Poptones.

Echo and the Bunnymen - Crocodiles & Heaven Up Here - Pete de Freitas drums.

The Sound - From the Lions Mouth - Micheal Dudley drums.

Sly and the Family Stone - Stand & There’s a Riot Goin’ On - Greg Errico and Gerry Gibson drums.

The Rolling Stones - Aftermath & Exile on Main St- Charlie Watts drums.

The Beatles - Revolver / Rubber Soul & Abbey Road - Ringo Starr drums.

Neil Young - Harvest - Kenny Buttrey drums.

Myles Davis - Bitches Brew - Jack DeJohnette drums.

Sketchs of Spain - Jimmy Cobb drums & Elvin Jones percussion.

Kind of Blue - Jimmy Cobb drums.

The Doors - Morrison Hotel & the album The Doors -

John Densmore drums.

Bob Dylan - Blonde On Blonde - Kenny Buttrey drums.

Modern Times - George G. Receli drums.

The Psychedelic Furs - Talk Talk Talk - Vince Ely drums.

The Who - Won’t Get Fooled Again - Keith Moon - drums.

Led Zeppelin - Kashmir / Ramble On - John Bonham drums.

Lou Reed - Transformer - John Halsey drums.

The Velvet Underground & Nico - Album of the same name - Moe Tucker drums.

David Bowie - Low - Dennis Davis drums.

The Ramones - It’s Alive - Tommy Ramone drums.

Dave you have an incredible and impressive drumming C.V. Can you let us know some of the amazing musicians, studios, bands and producers you are currently and have been involved with?

From Amuse, Blue in Heaven, The Blue Angels,The Black Velvet Band, Eddi Reader w/HHF, Mary Coughlan, Warren Zevon ,

Maria Doyle Kennedy, Glen Hansard w/Hank Halfhead and the Rambling Turkeys, Kieran Kennedy, Gemma Hayes, Paul Tiernan, Fleadh Cowboys , Something Happens,John Martyn w/HHF , Supernaut, Shane MacGowan

w/HHF, The Dubliners w/HHF, PreNup, The Revenants to name a few.

Working in the studio with Producers like Martin Hannett {Joy Division, New Order, Factory Records}

Chris Blackwell {Island Records, Bob Marley,

U2, Steve Winwood}

E.T. Thorngren { Talking Heads, Black Uhuru, Bob Marley }

Jimmy Miller { The Rolling Stones}

Donal Lunny { The Bothy Band, Planxty, Moving Hearts}

Edge {U2}

Working in studios like Windmill Lane studios, Dublin.

Compass point, the Bahamas.

Abbey Road, London.

Townhouse, London.

Sarm West, London.

Strawberry Studios, Manchester.


Studios, London.

And a lot of the big studios and small of the day, sadly mostly gone now.

Touring with Blue In Heaven opening for bands like:

The Cramps

Orange Juice

The Cult

The Alarm


Simple Minds


The Damned

New Order

Echo and the Bunnymen

Art of Noise

The Chameleons

China Crisis

The Boomtown Rats

John Cale

Theatre of Hate

Spear of Destiny

Self Aid in the RDS Arena Dublin 

and for the last 21yrs HotHouse Flowers, touring and recording, tv Shows, playing festivals like Glastonbury, Fuji Rock in Japan and many others.

The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime, recorded in the Mojave desert.

Burning Man, Black rock desert, Nevada.

Hothouse Flowers latest album “Let’s Do

This Thing” is out now. We made this record over the course of a great week of work in Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin.

Released 2020.

Available on all digital platforms:

What is the secret of your success?

Well, I think ‘musician first,  drummer second’ is an important thing for me when

working with other musicians.  Playing what’s best for the song or piece of music you are

working on. For any musician, it’s important to always be aware of what’s going on. So, you have to learn to watch and listen. You’ve got to be able to get along as you can be with the same people on the road or studio for long periods of time. 

Be prompt and know the required material.

Listen to all types of music.

Learn another musical instrument.

Start writing music/songs. This will all help when playing what’s needed.

Nothing should get in the way of what’s required to make the music work and flow in the right way.

Enjoy the music and playing

always - have fun!

Apart from drumming you also write and record your own material. In fact Hotpress magazine said of  Listen For The Signals that it is a timely, provocative kick against over-polished production – and it’s well-worth wrapping your ears around. You must have been well chuffed with those comments?

Yes, a very good review for that album. It was much appreciated at the time.

It’s fantastic when a piece of work you have made gets

that sort of recognition.

I have three solo albums out which i have written, recorded and produced.

I play all the instruments and sing on them.

They are song based albums so no big drum solos!!


There Was A Girl - 2010


Hey You - 2013


Listen for the Signals - 2019


Available on all digital platforms.

Photo Credits; Marcelo Biglia / L Campos-Moya