Saturday 19 November 2016

Tom; Can you tell me when you became interested in drumming?
Born in September 1972, I first became fascinated with the drum kit when I was about 3 or 4 years old as the first drum kit I had was made by Fisher Price!!
My mum, being a fan of The Beatles, showed me some of their film footage and it was then that I was hooked. After various "put together" drum set ups, I final, got a second-hand Maxwin by Pearl drum kit, started to play in many teenage bands, playing along to many records and tapes of all sorts of music in my bedroom, to "up" my drumming as I went along.

Tom; Dave, who are your influences?
In the very early days, my influence's were Stewart Copeland, Gerry Conway (from the early Fairport Convention line-up) and Ringo Starr.  My influences now, are  similar from my early days, (and there's way too many to mention here) but the likes of Steve Gadd, Buddy Rich, Jack Irons, Stephen Perkins, Vinnie Colaiuta, Dave Grohl, JR Robinson, Keith Moon, Copeland and Starr will no doubt come through in my playing, as they have all moved me with their unique styles."

Tom; How did you approach drumming?
Playing with many bands during the formative years, gave me a very musical approach to drumming and being able to play guitar as a hobby also helped how I worked with other musicians.

Tom; Have you taken lessons?
I never took lessons and so I suppose I am a self-taught player.

Tom: Dave, how did your career progress after the formative years?
During the late 90's I started working in the drum dept of Rock Steady Music and that opened many doors to work with other types of music and musicians!
I started doing a lot of sessions with as many people as I could, just to get the experience of live performing and studio work. That time taught me a lot about how to work with other people in the business and that having a good positive attitude will go along way, even if there are better players than you.

Tom; What type of drum gear do you use?

Gear wise, I went from a lovely old Rogers Kit, that I eventually sold (but kept the snare drum, a beautiful PowerTone10 steel shell) and purchased one of the first Mapex Saturn Series (10, 12, 14, 20) which I still use today and sounds great live and in the studio. Along with the Rogers snare I also use a DW collectors series Maple shell snare which covers most styles very well.
I play a mixture of A Customs from Zildjian, old New Beat Hats, a K 20" Jazz ride and other crashes from Menil, Paiste and Sabian.

Tom; Dave, tell me some of the great artists you have performed with.
I've been lucky enough to perform all around the world and have had the pleasure to tour with many groups and singers including Bellx1, Maire Brennan (Clannad) Gemma Hayes, Mundy, Sinead O'Connor, Sharon Shannon, The Henry girls, Camille O'Sullivan, David Geraghty, I Draw Slow, Gavin Glass, The Classic Beatles (playing Ringo of course) and producers, Brian Masterson, Pat Dunne and Conor Brady.
This year (2016) I toured with Tupelo and Camile O'Sullivan in Europe, and recorded on the upcoming release from I Draw Slow's next album as well as being on the current promotional tour with IMLE, who have just released their debut album. I was also involved with the upcoming release of the charity single "You are not alone" to promote Mental Health awareness and Suicide prevention. The single will be released in December 2016.

Tom; Dave, that sounds hectic. Do you find time for anything else musically?
 I also teach drums to a few students in Blackrock College and perform locally with various Dublin based bands and other musical projects from stage shows, TV work and recordings. 

Tom; Work wise, any other passion apart from music?
Photography has been another passion of mine and it has played a big part in my musical career too, photographing my fellow musicians throughout the years.

Photo by Kai Hansen