Friday 6 January 2017

Irish Drummers; Chris, when did you start drumming?
Essentially I started drumming at 18, I'm 33 now. I played in various original bands back in the day. I got my first big break on the music scene here in Ireland when I met Ed Holland and got asked to play with Hurricane Highway.
Irish Drummers; Things are really going well for the band.
 2016 was a big year for the band, appearing on the Ray D'Arcy Show on RTE. That was an amazing experience! I've had the pleasure to record drums in Windmill Lane and Westland Studios with a good friend of mine, Philip Kelly, amazing Songwriter, Engineer and Producer.
Irish Drummers; What plans do you have for 2017?
It's a big year for Hurricane Highway, lots of shows planned. The band will be playing at Harvest 2017 Country Music Festival. This is a 2 day event taking place at the end of August with Enniskillen Airport, County Fermanagh and Westport House as the two venues. In addition to the live shows, there is an album due out in March.  
Irish Drummers; What is your preferred drum gear?
I play Mapex Drums, Saturn V, they sound huge. I use a mixture of cymbals.
Irish Drummers; Chris, who are your drumming influences?
My influences are Steve Jordan, his playing changed my whole outlook and approach to the drums. Steve Gadd, Bonzo (John Bonham) of course. I could be here all day, there are so many great drummers. For me though, it's Steve Jordan, his approach, his timing and his ability to play for the song. Something I've really learned playing with Hurricane Highway, less is most definitely more.

Irish Drummers; Chris, you mentioned Westport and we know Hurricane Highway played a big gig there recently

Yes, in the Town Hall Theatre. It was brilliant. I just want to take this opportunity to thank my family and friends and of course all the many people who come to support us at the shows. 
Irish Drummers; Thanks Chris, that’s great and all the best for 2017.

Photo credit - Vincent Kerrigan