Saturday 15 June 2019

Hi Dylan, when did you start drumming?
I started drumming at the age of 6. I come from a very musical family. Both my Mam and Dad play instruments, so I’m constantly around people that have an interest in music. When I was younger, I used to love sitting in on sessions! The one instrument that drew my attention was the DRUMS.  I think the defining moment happened when I was brought to a music show held in Dublin! My parents found me sitting down right beside the bass drum while someone was playing!

What drum gear do you use?
I’m fortunate enough to say I’m Endorsed by TRX Cymbals, Empire Ears and Cympad!  Currently I’m using Trx’s Blend series cymbals! 14-inch hats, 16-inch crash, 18-inch crash and 22-inch ride. I use Cympad Chromatics, moderators and Empire Ears custom molded in-ears. The first kit I ever bought was a Sonor Force 2007 Kit and I still play it today. I’m in love with Sonor’s kits, so I’ll continue to use them in the future! For recording I use the Roland TD-50 KV. I’m also a big fan of D’Addario so I use Evans Drum heads and Promark sticks. Shure Microphones are a must for me. I’m also a proud Ambassador for Destroy A Drum Clothing.

Who has influenced you the most?
The list of people that influence and inspire me is endless. A drummer that has a real influence on my playing and attitude to drums is Chris Coleman. His musicality and chops are insane. Every time I watch him play, I’m blown away! More recently drummers that continue to inspire me are Jerrod Sullivan, Simon Santunion and Lester Estelle. They have such a presence while playing and seeing them play live is a joy. I am super thankful that I have had a chance to develop a relationship with these drummers through social media.

What are your favorite albums or songs?
My favorite bands of all time are Paramore and Mumford and Sons. Delta is Mumford and Sons newest album and I feel each song tells a dramatic story! Hard Times is a big direction change for Paramore, but I feel Zac Farro nails all the drum parts throughout the album.
Albums that I have loved listening and playing to over the last few years are; Portal of Gold
(The 4 Korners) and Synaesthesia (Kaz Rodriguez).

Tell us about your recent success!
As you already know I use Shure products. When I found out that Shure was holding a competition centered on drumming, I knew I had to give it a go. The competition involved 38 different countries. For the competition I had to submit a video. The video could be up to 5 minutes long. Once submitted the voting stage took place. Once the necessary 50 votes were surpassed judging was held. Fortunately, I was chosen as All Ireland Shure Drum Mastery Champion. I am now straight through to the finals, where I will face all 37 countries. I am super proud and honoured to be able to represent my country.

That’s great Dylan! What other projects are in the pipeline?
It’s been a crazy few years. From signing Endorsement deals, completing Sound Engineering Courses in Windmill Land Studios and becoming All Ireland Champion. What’s next? I just recently launched my new website At the start of the year I just wrapped up a few albums and EPs for clients in America and England. A Record Label from New York has contacted me and we are in talks. I am almost finished drum grades and once I’m done, I will be qualified to teach! As far as Drumming is concerned it doesn’t matter what area of the industry I go into as long as I can keep playing!

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