Sunday 19 March 2017

Irish Drummers;  Kevin, when did you start drumming?

I took a keen interest in drumming at the young age of 7, where I played in the garden shed to old records from my music collection, which ranged from The Rolling Stones to Little Feat.

Irish Drummers; Who were your influences growing up?

Growing up, I was influenced greatly by Charlie Watts, drummer with The Rolling Stones. Other influences include Jim Keltner, Steve Jordan and Andy Newmark, all great players. Steve Gadd, who I feel is the most musical drummer, has been a significant influence on my career.

Irish Drummers; Any Irish Influences?

Irish influences would include Noel Bridgeman, Robbie Brennan, Fran Breen and many others.

Irish Drummers; Did you take any drumming lessons?

At 17, I found a great teacher named Jimmy Doyle. He introduced me to great players like Jack DeJohnette, Tony Williams, Art Blakey and many other brilliant jazz players.

Irish Drummers; What artists have you worked with?

I have been recording a lot in the studio with Los Paradiso, Bree Harris, Pete Cummins, EdMcGinley, Paul Doran, Sinead O’Connor, Don Baker and Cathy Davey.

Irish Drummers; What is your current project?

I am currently working with Los Paradiso on the ‘Lady Sings The Blues’.

Irish Drummers; What drum gear do you use?

I use a mixture of Yamaha, Ludwig and Pearl. Cymbals are Sabian and Ufip.

Photo credit; Lexa Harpell