Friday 30 December 2016

Currently based in Dublin, Stephen Whelan has worked as a session drummer all over the world. He begun his journey at the age of 14 learning from many experienced and well respected teachers. From 2012 Stephen spent four years touring worldwide with Irish band God Is An Astronaut and in 2015 he began teaching professionally. It is a combination of these experiences and hard work that have allowed Stephen to built up an impressive resume as he continues to become one of Ireland's leading teachers. Stephen has also created his own online interactive website for online tuition and prides himself on giving back to the drumming community while always trying to become a better drummer in the process .
Drums: Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple in Jade Green Sparkle
Sticks: Promark TX5AW
Cymbals Paiste Twenty Series 18" Crash Paiste Twenty Series 19" Crash Paiste 2002 14" Hi Hats Paiste 2002 20" Power Ride Paiste Swiss Flanger 14" Stack
Skins Kick - Evans 22" EQ3 Resonant Bass Drum BK Evans 22" EMAD2 Clear Bass Drum
Hi Tom - Evans 10" G2 Coated Tom Evans 10" Resonant Head Tom Clear
Middle Tom - Evans 12" G2 Coated Tom Evans 12" Resonant Head Tom Clear
Floor - Evans 16" B16G2 Genera G2 coated Evans 16" Resonant Head Tom Clear
Snare - Evans B14HD 14" Snare Drum Head Evans S14H30 14" Snare Resonant Head
Snare 2 - Evans 14" EC Edge Control Snare RD Evans S14H30 14" Snare Resonant Head

All Audix Microphones

Photo Credit - Chris Connolly