Thursday 20 April 2017

Irish Drummers; Daniel, when did you start drumming?

I was around 12/13 when I first started. My family was always very much involved in music, my oldest brother dabbled a bit with guitar but never pursued it. My other brother is also a drummer and gigs regularly, so he was a big influence growing up! He actually donated a snare drum and a Pearl double kick to me when I was young. I taught myself using both of these, the box from the snare drum was my makeshift kick drum for a few months! It was an interesting way to teach myself!

Irish Drummers; What drum gear do you use?

I use a Mapex Pro M Maple Kit. 24” kick. 12” tom, 14” floor tom and a Pearl Firecracker 10” snare. I am a fan of Remo Fibreskyns, so all toms are coated with these. I use a mix of Zildjian and Meinl cymbals, my favourite is my 16” Zildjian A Custom Rezo Fast Crash. I use a DW-5000 double kick and all Mapex hardware.

Irish Drummers; Who are your drumming influences?

Too many to list, but some would include; Derek Grant - Alkaline Trio, Jack Bevan – Foals, Memby Jago - The Ghost Of A Thousand/Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Chris Wee - And So I Watch You From Afar and Josh Macintyre - Marmozets

Irish Drummers; What are your favourite venues?

My favourite venues are Whelans – Dublin, Indiependence – Cork, Stendhal – Limavady, The Chasin’ Bull – Bundoran, Roisin Dubh – Galway and The Button Factory - Dublin

Irish Drummers; What music projects are the band involved in?

Currently, we are preparing for the release of our next single. We recorded a few songs last summer with Philip Magee, and it was a pleasure to work with him and allow him to add his creative input to our songs. I would highly recommend any Irish bands looking for a producer to reach out to him! The single will be released with a video, and you can expect it sooner rather than later!

Irish Drummers; What are your favourite albums or songs?

Again, too many too list! But some of these albums would be very important to me and they are Foals – Antidotes, The Clash - London Calling, Alkaline Trio - Good Mourning, Biffy Clyro - Only Revolutions, Brontide – Artery and Enemies - Embark Embrace

Photo credit; Conor Conlon from CMP Productions