Sunday 12 February 2017

Since taking up the drums in 2002, Benjamin Garrett’s career has progressed year on year. He is one of the founding members of one of Ireland's most exciting bands Overhead, The Albatross.

Ben had a very successful 2016 with the release of Overheads debut album ‘Learning To Growl’ which has been nominated for the RTE Choice Prize Album of the Year. Having had a very busy summer playing all the major Irish festivals, 2016 finished on a career high, culminating in Overheads biggest headline show in Vicar St in December.

Ben also plays drums for Irish artist Lethal Dialect, which he joined in 2014. They have been busy working on their next album, which should surface sometime in 2017.

He is currently in his final year in BIMM whilst also performing with the drumming troupe The Hit Machine and the covers band Upbeat Generation.

Irish Drummers; When did you start drumming?
I started getting into drums when I visited my cousins house and discovered they’d bought a drum kit which I was fascinated by. I used to go to a lot of Ireland rugby matches as a kid and loved watching the Army/Garda bands play (which I would then try and imitate on biscuit tins in my Gran's house after the match). I got my first drum kit in 2002 (Pearl Target) and started playing to my favourite bands. I got lessons from two brilliant drummers Dave Hardy and Des Lacey who are both personal heroes of mine.

Irish Drummers; What is your drum gear?
My gear is made up of;

Pearl Masters Premium Maple
24” kick
16” floor
18” floor

Sonor Protean snare 14”

I also proudly endorse Sabian Cymbals and Vater drumsticks.
15” HHX Groove hats
21” HHX legacy crash/ride
22” HHX legacy heavy ride
22” Artisan Medium ride
19” AAX Extreme China

Vater 55BB sticks.

Irish Drummers; Who are your drum influences?
My influences are, Chad Smith, Travis Barker, Tomas Haake, Danny Carey and Jason McGerr


Photo credit; Sean Smyth