Sunday 12 August 2018

Jason Feenan - Drummer with TOUTS

Jason Feenan is the drummer with Derry based punk band TOUTS. The band has completed tours and shows with Paul Weller, Liam Gallagher and Blossoms. They are currently doing a load of festivals, SXSW, Reading, Leeds and Electric Picnic. TOUTS signed to Domino Publishing earlier this summer and have released two EPs and a number of singles.
Jason, when did you start playing drums?
I started playing when I was 14, I didn't have many friends at that age, so I had plenty of time to pretend to be John Bonham, in the shed. I took lessons with Mickey the Hat, and managed to catch a bit of his, "practice every moment of the day" attitude and that stuck with me. 

What made you want to be a drummer?
Hearing John Bonham made me want to be a drummer and after that I started enjoying the way Stewart Copeland, Stanton Moore, Ian Paice and even my teacher Mickey the Hat played. I love Vinnie Colaiuta, but I haven't a hope of sounding like him.

What are your favourite albums?
Led Zeppelin II, Outlandos d'Amour by The Police, The Undertones first record are all firm favourites. In terms of drumming, Apostrophe and Joe's Garage by Zappa are masterclasses of playing.

What has been your best gig or drum moment?
The best moment I've had so far was either managing to get a drum solo televised on Other Voices last year, or doing a cover of the Auld Triangle supporting Liam Gallagher in an airport hangar in Dublin, the whole crowd singing back the tunes was class, probably was one of the best things I've been a part of.

What drum gear do you use?
At the minute I'm rocking a Premier Elite kit from the 80's, 12" 16" 22"
13" Ufip Custom Class hats;
14" 16" Paiste Twenty crashes;
20" 5 Star Zyn crash ride, it may be cheap but it fills a big hole in the sound of the band.

Photo Credits; Meg Paine & eurockenness festival

Saturday 4 August 2018

Kevin Foley - Irish Metal/Rock Drummer based in France

How did you become a drummer?
I started playing the drums when I was 5. My parents were always listening to Rock/ Metal music and I was always air drumming to it. They bought me my first kit at this time and I've never stopped playing since.

What is your drum gear setup?
I'm endorsed by DW drums and Paiste cymbals. I use everything DW Drums produces, from PDP concept maple to DW Collector Series. I'm also using Paiste 2002s.

Who are your drumming influences?
The drummers who made me want to play were the classic rock ones, Bonham, Paice, Moon. I grew up listening to them and they're one of the biggest reasons I play drums. I also like more "modern" drummers such as Vinnie Signorelli (Unsane) and Mackie Jayson (Madball, Bad Brains, Cro Mags)

How did the gig with Sepultura come about?
In May 2013, Eloy Casagrande hurt himself while playing in a show in Bourg en Bresse (France). I wasn't at the show, but a friend of mine told the tour manager I could learn the set and play with them the next day, instead of them having to cancel the whole tour. Luckily for me, the manager called me and I joined Sepultura that evening. We jammed in a fan's basement and played the show straight after that. Great memories!

What upcoming projects are in the pipeline?
I'm currently touring in France with a band called Lofofora. We've just recorded and released the first acoustic record ''Simple appareil".
I'm also gonna be touring with the Canadian Hardcore band "Get The Shot" through Europe in the upcoming days.

What advice would you give someone thinking about a career in music?
Always be honest to yourself and tour as much as possible. To me, touring is a better way of learning than going to music school.

Can you tell us your favourite songs or albums?
I would say my favourite song is "Against the grain" by Unsane, on their album called Visqueen. Everything is really simple here, but the energy and the sound are immense. Everyone who's into rock music should listen to this at least once.

Black and White photo was taken by David Sanchez.

The Sepultura photo was taken by Dutchpix.